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Burkhard Carstens-3

I finally managed to install fpc and lazarus from svn-source on a linux
box (suse10.0 / i686).
Now, as the first "hello world" app is running, I'd like to
cross-compile it for windows and as many other platforms as possible.

So I got fpcbuild/ from svn, started playing with the fpcbuild/install/
cross/ After some tweaking, it compiled
binutils-2.16 and 2.16.1 for almost all platforms (except i686-openbsd,
x86_64-openbsd, sparc-freebsd and sparc-openbsd, but that's not the
problem right now).

Next, I started playing with, but it fails for
allmost any target, even i386-linux. However, i386-win32 succeeded ..
I got the feeling, that I might be on the wrong path with all this.

There are a lot of documents scattered all over the various places
(web-sites, wiki-sites, forum, newsgroups, READMES's, INSTALL's,
CrossCompile.txt etc.etc.) .. now I am pretty confused..

Could someone please point me to the valid and up-to-date documentation
on this?

My goal is to port a big software suite (deamons+gui-apps) to
freepascal/lazarus because of it's "write once, compile everywhere"
feature. Currerently I can only offer win32- and linux_x86-version
(using delphi and kylix), but my customers call for Unix, MacOS,
linux_x86-64 support right know, and probably for more in the near
future ...

Btw.: I do have some stuff here, that is: some computers (Intel-P3, -P4,
amd duron, athlon-64), a Virtex 4 EvalBoard ML403 (currently my only
power-pc ;-) ), lots of hdd space, VMware GSX and a good internet
connection. So if you guys get me running, I will be able and happy to
build snapshot and releases and test em on various platforms ..

Best regard

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