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Burkhard Carstens-3
... fails building binutils for multiple platforms under some

System: Intel-P4 / Linux Kernel 2.6.x


## binutils-2.14  ##
- Builds fine (except some openbsd and sparc-bsd targets) with gcc3.3.5
(suse 9.3)

- Fails when using gcc4.0.2 (Suse10)


$ cat log-i686-cygwin|grep "error: "
dllwrap.c:104: error: static declaration of  program_name  follows
non-static declaration
bucomm.h:190: error: previous declaration of  program_name  was here

Other targets show other problems.
All i686 / x86_64 targets except i686-darwin report failing.
powerpc targets build fine
sparc targets build except freebsd and openbsd

## binutils-2.16 ##
- Builds the first target, then fails on all other targets with gcc3 and

configure: error: `target_alias' has changed since the previous run:
configure:   former value:  i686-cygwin
configure:   current value: i686-mingw32
configure: error: changes in the environment can compromise the build
configure: error: run `make distclean' and/or `rm ./config.cache' and
start over
make: *** [configure-libiberty] Fehler 1

Obviously, "rm ./config.cache" (line 165) is not sufficient anymore.
Replacing this with a "${MAKE} distclean" gets it working.

## other issues ##
Message: line 167: EXTRAOPT: command not found
may result from wrong paranthesis:
line 166: " ... && ${MAKE} $(EXTRAOPT) && ..."

also the option
line 46:

should read
#EXTRAOPT="-j 4"

More logs and details available on request ..

Note: These are just the result from using, I
don't know yet, which of these binutils are actually usable.
Still RTFM to get a clue about this cross-compiling stuff ..


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