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Allen Harrington
hello all;
I have converted b-tree filer to work on Free Pascal on Windows Xp and Windows 7. Two of the function do not work, (reorg rekey). I wrote three function that do the same thing, only two are needed I have a demo (part of my program)

the editor and map driver and graphics demo one text editor for the maps.

It will work for 68,719,476,735 keys the demo only has 3,700 records at the moment.

If you want a copy it is ready to download, there is a sub directory named gtest this is my source and compiled code btree code is in the source directory  tpbtreefiler_5_51a
this is written for a wide screen monitor setwindowsize(1920,1080) it will work with smaller screens but some items will be off the screen.
Go to the site below and download turbopower.exe  this is both btree filer and flash filer and their manuals.

you may contact me( Allen Harrington at [hidden email] ) my website is http://blue-hare.com

Allen Harrington, Owner
Blue Hare Software
Store, Mall and Building Directories
1550 Idlewild Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43232
614-861-3219 Fax 614-372-8785

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