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Synapse for all unix/linux targets

Lukas Gebauer

Hello all!

I am working on new SynSock module for Synapse, what using native
FreePascal's sockets and netdb units.

Previous Synapse can be used on i386 with Win32 and Linux only. Next
version can be used on any Unix/Linux system with any processor
supported by FPC. (And is maybe easy to add support for next
platforms too.)

Problem is - I really not have computers with all supported platforms
for testing. ;-( Your help is needed. If someone running some
Unix/Linux platform and you have interest with Synapse, please write
me a mail. Or much better is subscribe into Synalist (see: ), here are all annonces and any
problems can be discussed here.

First test Synasnap with this new code will be released soon. (I

Thank you very much!

Lukas Gebauer.

E-mail: [hidden email] - Ararat Synapse - TCP/IP Lib.

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