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John Coppens
Hi all...

I was testing a program I wrote in FPC which directs the cursors (using
crt), by redirecting the output to a file, but was surprised that the
escape sequences weren't in the file.

Checking the source of the crt units, I found that when redirecting, the
sequences are switched off.

Is there motive for this behaviour? I just tested the same program
under TP7, and, when using crt, redirection isn't possible at all - which
is quite logical. Under linux, non-pascal programs do not distinguish
between being redirected or not (also logical).

I couldn't find a simple way to disable this (short of modifying the
crt.pp source code and recompiling)... I need the output of the program to
have the escape sequences, as I'd like to use them to feed a terminal
emulator program.

BTW - beautiful new website!

Thanks in advance,
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