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Re: lldb problems with Xcode 8.2.1

Jeremy Thompson
> This is fixed in the latest Xcode 8.3 beta.

> You’ll still need to use Jonas’ suggestion of upgrading to FPC 3.0.2 and use the -godwarfcpp option to get lldb/Xcode to do the right thing once a breakpoint is triggered. 

I have upgraded to FPC 3.0.2 and added in the Xcode 8.3 beta.  I am able to see local variables when pausing the program.  I am still unable to get breakpoints working.  I still end up with this error if I try and manually set them:

Breakpoint 2: no locations (pending).
WARNING:  Unable to resolve breakpoint to any actual locations.

Adding or removing breakpoints in Xcode makes no difference either.  Is there something else I should be looking at? Here are my flags for the compiler:

-Mmacpas -godwarfcpp -CRiot -ghlttt -gl -O-


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