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Schindler Karl-Michael-2
Am 19.08.2015 um 22:02 schrieb Jonas Maebe:

> On 19/08/15 13:41, Torsten Bonde Christiansen wrote:
>> I'm trying to build the compiler (svn checkout) from scratch using the
>> bootstrapper binary "ppcuniversal"
>> on a MAC running Mavericks (OS 10.9.x)
> The only supported/hassle-free way to bootstrap FPC (on any platform) is
> by starting from a complete installation of the latest FPC release (e.g.
> using the installer on our website).
> The bootstrap binaries are used by some package systems that build from
> source, but require detailed knowledge of the FPC build process to use
> and are completely unsupported.
> Jonas
As the creator of the bootstrap compiler I would like to add some details:
- The package system, where the bootstrap compiler is used, is fink.
- completely unsupported means: no support by core members, just me ;-)

Second, i recommend to read Marco’s hints at:

For bootstrapping you should start with:     make cycle PP=…

That should give you the compiler, the rtl and the utils. After installing the three (make compiler_install rtl_install util_install), a make all should succeed.

Another option without make cycle is to pass the path to data2inc to make.

The work around for your case should be:

make all PP=… DATA2INC=/Users/torsten/FreePascal/release_2_6_4/utils/data2inc

Make install may also need fpcmake:

make install PP=… FPCMAKE=/Users/torsten/FreePascal/release_2_6_4/utils/fpcm/fpcmake


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