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Re:[fpc-pascal] Commercial support for Lazarus/FPC


> > Same for Lazarus, although the numbering is different.
> > There is always a svn branch "fixes", while the svn "trunk" is the
> > development version. The fixes receives only bug fixes.
> > The release was 0.9.30. The development version was 0.9.31. Then came
> > several minor releases,3,4,5 with fixes.
> > Next version is 1.0 (fixes branch), development has version 1.1 (trunk).
> >
> > Mattias

I know about those branches.
But still, I'd like to know more about commercial support.
Could you present some information about services behind it?

Not everything is backported and unfortunately fpc trunk sometimes not too stable.
Especially when using templates/generics and interfaces.

Moreover, I'd like to understand the terms of support for components which are part of FPC and Lazarus.

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