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Tiziano - Mekar Srl -

I am currently studiyng the project at: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/

for graphics output I think that the package hp2xx is very interesting,
look at http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/hp2xx.htm 

working with the HPGL language you can generate scientific plots and
technical drawing in several raster and vector graphic formats (eps and

By now I am experimenting with Delphi, but if all works fine I'll soon
port all that on FPC/Lazarus...

But gnuwin32 is not only for graphics, it's a a lot of very interesting
software for win32 that should be easily interfaced with FPC/Lazarus.

I hope this could be useful for you and others here,

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> I would be interested in a Unit to output vector- graphics
> possibly via postscript/ghostscript.
> This gives very much better results than the old raster scan
> of Turbo Unit graph.  I would like to draw maps, an also
> mathematical graphs.
> Another approach might be through Kile and LaTeX.
> Geoff Bagley.
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