Precision of sqrt, exp, ln, etc?

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Precision of sqrt, exp, ln, etc?

Jeff Miller

I am wondering about the precision of the
functions like sqrt, ln, exp, and so on.

According to the online documentation, these take
a ValReal argument and return a ValReal result:
e.g.:  function sqrt(d: ValReal):ValReal;
What is ValReal?  (It would be ideal if these
functions would take arguments of different precision
such as double or extended and return results
in the same precision!)

Basically, I need extended precision versions
of these and a few other math functions, so...
If these functions do not operate in the highest
precision, are there other functions with higher
precision (eg some fortrans have a double-precision
dsqrt, etc)?

I have seen the mpcalc unit, but I was hoping
for something a little faster if possible.

Thank you for any information or suggestions...

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