Pandroid bundle some useful information about it

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Pandroid bundle some useful information about it

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel
Pandroid is bundle, which have been prepared so Linux user can program
Android apps with no need to manually install Android SSDK, required
platform tools or build tools. Pandroid contain all required versions
which have been tested, so developer must only install a few
dependencies and everything will work.
When you will download and and prepare The project, you will be able to
develop Android apps while using Free Pascal compiler which will be
preconfigured to compile Android apps by using its JVM mode Android target.
Why this project?
I think, that it is The only one bundle, which can produce applications
for so many Android different versions. If you do not like projects,
which combines Java coding with native code, this project is for you.
Bundle contain example how to use canvas to draw by using 2D dimension.
It is also possible to draw in 3D mode and there is also example for
Open GL. Possibilities are really vide. Produced applications are
compatible with Android 7 and I think, that also with never version. I
think, that this project have a hydden big potential. Sure. Advanced of
us can try to generate Pascal units for newest Android APIS, you can
even experiment with other than provided versions of BUild tools.
May be, that it would be even possible to create some Lazarus package to
create GUI so project will be more attractive for developers, who want
to design by using IDE not by using his memory or paste and copy
Clipboard operations.

It is even possible to develop for Windows. I Am testing Windows variant
of Pandroid. It looks very promisingly. So Linux is not The limitation.
Because also 2 and 3D graphics is supported, it is possible to develop
various psychological tests for clients, who would had to touch a center
of rectangle, circle, or square. It is possible to add multiple
activities to one app. It is possible to detect incoming phone calls and
react on them, such as pause Android Media player or stop it. And
everythink without crashes and stability issues.
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Re: Pandroid bundle some useful information about it

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel
Project build resulting Android app by using obfuscation. This create
much smaller .dex file. And application decompilation is harder. Sure,
very advanced programmer can easily decompile even apps which have been
produced by Free Pascal compiler, but I think, that obfuscated code is
really not so easy to decode for average user.

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