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Lazarus, FreePascal, and translated compiler messages

Schindler Karl-Michael-2
Am 10.05.2015 um 12:00 schrieb [hidden email]:

> I am part of the French Translation Project Team and I would be very
> happy to see the POT files for FPC, FPDOC, Lazarus, etc., to this place.
> I can even handle it. Of course it takes POT files, which involves
> ressourestrings and ultimately a change in the way of producing the
> manual for this part.
> I'm offered it a few years ago to put Lazarus POT files on Transifex. I
> received a negative reply. Will this be the same with TP?
> I will not deny that I am a beginner in Pascal, but I do not want to
> charge someone as a work which he does not worry. So I will do my best
> to contribute a patch, though I know that it is possible that it will be
> accepted.
> Regards,
> --
> St?phane Aulery
Using PO/POT files would clearly be an advantage for local use as well as web services. So, a format conversion tool from .msg files to PO/POT files and vice versa might be a solution. Solutions which need major contributions from others have a high probability to be turned down, because man power is the dominating bottle neck in open source projects. The better you can come up with a solution and maintain it by yourself, taking care of feature requests and bug reports, the better the chance for acceptance. Maybe think of tools, which you need for your work.


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