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"S.Anıl Yılmaz"
My previous post;

>>I cannot manage to print any Turkish characters in console. (Code Page
>>ISO-8859-9), I use Windows XP Turkish, I can type and display Turkish
>>characters, but if my FP program's output displays these kind of text,
>>only spaces or "?" appear instead of intended characters. I use
>>widestrings to represent these chars. There is something I don't do
>>right I am sure, but what is it? Thanks in advance.
And Marco's reply...

>This is one of the issues that 2.0.4 should at least improve upon. See the
>2.0.4 versions on the FTP site.

I tried 2.0.4 and 2.1.1 today. No success though. My code is as follows...


program test_turkish;
uses crt;
    strtowritten    :widestring='TÜRKÇE'; //There is 2 Turkish characters in this string


I also read about the {$CODEPAGE UTF8} compiler global directive. But no use either...

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