In the event anyone want to read social reactions to FPC 3.0

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In the event anyone want to read social reactions to FPC 3.0

Anthony Walter-3
If anyone is curious about what programming world social network reactions are to the Free Pascal 3.0.0, this thread on reddit /r/ programming was #1 for a few hours Today:

It would probably be a good idea to read through the comments and see if our community can build on some of the positive or negative remarks.

I read through the comments while generally they were mostly very positive, a few people commented on execution speed or some lack of language features like advanced RTTI or anonymous methods.

I think it would be productive for the Free Pascal Community to possibly address the positive and negative. For example with regards to execution speed, it could be pointed out that the FPC has excellent BASM and native code integration. Reusing native system libraries is very easy with FPC, especially given how the PME (properties, methods, events) make for creating superior wrapper classes.

Anyhow, for the American mailing list subscribers out there, have a happy Thanksgiving Day and thanks go out to the Free Pascal team!

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