FPC 2.0.0 - Win32 and MySql 4.xx

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FPC 2.0.0 - Win32 and MySql 4.xx


I've battled over trying to figure out how to compile units and examples in
FPC for MySql, until I'm blue in the face for hours.  There are few examples
or comments on Google that afford any straight answers, otherwise conflicted
with older revs.

I'm working from Dev-Pascal's IDE, on FPC 2.0.0.

1. Does this have to be done in Gnu, or will FPC handle the compile?
2. I'm finding units, packages and examples, but can't seem to find how to
cause an FPC assemblage to work.?
3. I understand there's a special utility for compiling make related.  Is
this contained in the FPC pkg? It's gone from the website.
4. Do I need to download client-lib from MySql, or can I use one in their
5. Does a libmysql??.dll replace the need for the client-lib from MySql?

Can users here offer some stepwise direction to get me off the ground here,
please? 8:::(

Thank you in advance.  I continue to pour over the docs on this.


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