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Extending FPDoc

Darius Blaszyk
Hi there,

For Lazarus I have made a tool called LazDoc that attempts to integrate a
documentation editing tool with the IDE. Depending on the position of the
cursor on the source editor, the appropriate documentation tag is searched
and then selected in the editor.
Anyway, while I was working on the tool, I realized that some additional
tags would be very usefull.

Here you can enter todo items in your code. Later after documentation
generation, an additional summary page is generated with an overview of
the todo items.

Here you can enter notes in your source. They coud be remarks for instance
for other developers, or just plain reminders for yourself.

I don't know how others feel about this, but it's sure I cannot do it
myself. Perhaps someone can help me here?? Just an explanation on how to
handle and where to look would also be nice.

Darius Blaszijk

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