DirectFB 1.2.7 support available + question about fpc wiki

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DirectFB 1.2.7 support available + question about fpc wiki

Roland Schäfer
a release of directfb bindings with support for both 1.4 and (new) 1.2.7
binaries (as included in ubuntu karmic, for example) is now available: (look for:

anyone wishing to experiment with directfb on a standard desktop distro
should now be able to do so without much hacking. all documentation is
stripped, please cf. for reference and examples.

a quick question: i think i once read (on this list) that it is
appropriate to create fpc wiki pages for such binding projects. is that
so? i also have bindings for an increasing number of audio libraries
(portaudio, portmidi, ladspa with tools, libsamplerate, librubberband,
libsndfile) for which i could also create a wiki page, if that is of
general interest.

have a nice weekend
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