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Aservia Web Server

Aservia Project Started. A new simple stable web server for FPC and
possibly delphi.

100% Free license.
It supports CGI and html.

Based on nYume with more added and more cleaned up code.  If nYume
author is listening, or any interested people, I welcome to work
together and can give svn access.

The server is about a 65kb exe for windows and may grow a bit as more
development progresses.. we will try to keep it simple and offer more
versions with time, maybe even offering more advanced version separately.

Sourceforge release of it may be available in a few days.

Intended for Intranet or internet, home webserver, or embedding into

It looks stable on Windows after I stress tested it using benchmark
tools (but I'm tweaking the sleep() call in the loop still). I'm adding
more robust sockets error checks, more relative path features, and am
doing more testing on Linux.

A release will be available on source forge soon.

The code is simple and beautiful.. I really like it. Thanks to nYume
author for his work back in 2006. Now updated in 2008 to our needs and
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