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Aservia EndThread discovery

I found an issue in Aservia where linux was opening threads and not
closing them.

Using OpenWebLoad or Apache Bench the server would simply hang up after
380 requests (threads) were opened.

Sometimes using a home web server, one has less than 380 threads ever
opened in his application over a few days.. therefore the issue isn't

If EndThread() is used at the bottom of the passed in thread function,
the problem goes away.

The fpc docs state one does not have to call EndThread, as the thread
will disappear when the passed in function exits anyway.

I have found this isn't the case in Aservia and Linux, at least.

Has anyone experienced that issue before where a threaded application
works for a while, then all of a sudden hangs up? Check the magic number
"380" if so!

It may not be an issue on MS Windows because when I tested windows the
issue did not arise as far as I remember.

After searching on google, I confirmed that "380" is indeed a magic
number that linux uses for maximum threads.

Bug report is here:
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