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Rafael Angel Campos Vargas
Annual Inform:

FreeRay-2018 was released with 18 new 3D objects (LGPL), 16 are FreeDOS compatible. Now, my library has more than 150 free objects. They will be very useful for my games, and my FreePascal Project LibreN3D for 3D animations. You can see them in the link
My new FreePascal game "Minigolf in the Park", also free (pay if you want); was released last December. It has Windows, Linux and FreeDOS version. MAC version is stand by. I want to resolve some accumulated problems first. You can see it in the link
Now, I program the library STS (Smooth Triangle Subdivision). It must improvement my SDL software, with smooth triangles. They will use the SSE-extension of CPU (very common actually), but it will have pure FreePascal version of course. Because my competition of assembler-software, a preliminary version of the STS library will be released before January-2020. Window version will have priority, but then or eventually STS will have version for Windows, MAC(maybe only 64 bit), Linux and FreeDOS (only 32 bit).  I thank you if you vote (next January) in the link
Thank's a lot for your compiler and your projects.

Jesus and Marie bless you.

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