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Rafael Angel Campos Vargas

Annual Inform:

I finished "Mines in the park" in FreePascal-Lazarus. It will be free (pay if you want) in or my WEB site

My project: LibreN3D for 3D animations is standing by. I release 16 new 3D objects in POVRay Conversion to LibreN3D is bad but possible for now.

Now, I'm programming my new release "Minigolf in the park" in FreePascal-Lazarus. It will have FreeDOS, Mac, Windows and Linux version too.

Thanks a lot, for your compiler. I am very happy with the DOS version, but "FPC 3.0.4" does not detect units iostream.pas and streamio.pas (maybe the problem is (source/packages/fcl-base/examples/src/go32v2)). My games use those units. I understand FreeDOS and other DOS systems have problems with UEFI and BIOS; I can wait...

Jesus and Marie bless you.

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