Announcement – Open Source Process Simulation (OpSim)

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Announcement – Open Source Process Simulation (OpSim)

Samuel Cartaxo
I would like to announce the startup of the project "OpSim" (the Open source Process Simulator).


This project regards an open source based Chemical Engineering Process Simulator with a user friendly (drag-drop) graphical user interface (GUI) and an underlying high performance simulation engine.


It intends to be a valuable tool in teaching, learning and consulting activities concerning the knowledge field of Chemical/Process Engineering, and related areas.


The project is based on Object Pascal tools, more precisely, the Lazarus/FPC projects.


Usually, this type of software requires high level skilled and talented people in both arenas: Chemical Engineering and Programming. Therefore even if you are not a Chemical Engineer (or related), but master the development tools, your efforts may be extremely helpful.


We currently are in the phase of planning and organization of resources, however if you are somehow interested on the subject, or want to help us on this endeavor in any manner, we very welcome you!


You can follow the current discussion at:


[hidden email]

Best regards.


Prof. Dr. Samuel Jorge Marques Cartaxo
Department of Chemical Engineering
Center of Technology
Federal University of Ceará

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