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64 bit ?

Terry A. Haimann
I have a desktop with a 64bit AMD x4 Phenom processor.  I have noticed
that FreePascal programs perform worse on this computer then they do on
my 32 bit laptop.  Integer performance seems to be about 3 times worse
then on the laptop.  Now if I convert the pascal source to c and compile
that as follows:

gcc -O3 -funroll-all-loops -o MyExecutable MySource.c

The performance is many times better then with FreePascal.  I assume
that gcc is compiling to 64 bit here and generating an optimizing for
the AMD processor.  Is there a way to do something similar with Free Pascal?

Thanks,    Terry

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Re: 64 bit ?

I'm not an 64-bit user, but if you need target specific optimization, passing -Op and/or -Cf might help. Call fpc -i for possible values.